Selected works from side projects and Industral Design undergraduate work.

CPH Chair

Furniture design study abroad program in Copenhagen.


Early Industrial Design coursework at Carnegie Mellon. Focus on transfering two dimensional sketches into three dimensional form.


After pushing pixels for a few years, I missed getting hands on with raw materials so I set up a small ceramic studio in a utility closet and started throwing. I'm still working on my fundamentals, but excited to share some progress.

Pittsburgh community projects

Urban Tree Forge

I interned at this woodshop in Pittsburgh one Summer. I helped John Metzler recover old trees that were knocked down in storms and turn them into beautiful slabs and furniture.

Cutting down

We used this two–man Alaskan chain saw mill to slice beautiful slabs of wood.

Photo by John Metzler

Revealing the grain

Stacked and drying

I used a huge router jig to plane a few slabs.

Example finished piece by John Metzler

The Waffle Shop

I worked at this Art installation / waffle shop / reality show for a Summer in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh. In between cooking and serving delicious waffles until 2am, we fostered story telling and archived some neighborhood history.

Photo and interior by Brett Yasko

Waffle sign

I constructed the obnoxiously heavy waffle for our sidewalk sign. Got some love on EatPGH

I'd love to hear any comments or questions you have about my work.

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