Joey Cordes

Designer / Maker


User Experience Designer

Kinsa Health

Process makes perfect

My design process takes me from user research to pixel polish. This post outlines every step along the way.

The Home Depot pro app

I researched and designed this successful e–commerce app for 500,000+ professional contractors.

I worked on multiple web projects and led design of two native apps for this TC–winning service marketplace.

Nicorette & Nicoderm CQ

My team designed a no–tech wearable to aid smoking cessation based on research in our graduate course.

Stemming Diabetes in Taiwan

Vanessa Koch and I designed a service concept to blend western diabetes treatment with eastern medicine tenets.

Air care for Procter & Gamble

This capstone project led our team to investigate personal airspace in public environments for Febreze.


Selected works from side projects and Industral Design undergraduate work.

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